Our Tanks

For the safe and economical storage of vital water supplies for villages, industry, fire services, communities and town water reservoirs, Southern Cross manufacture and supply a complete range of heavy-duty steel tanks. Steel tanks are supplied in an easy to handle, pre-fabricated form designed for simple assembly once on site. They are packaged in wooden crates for easy transportation to the most remote of sites. The expected life of these tanks is up to 30 years and they can be engineered to suit all PNG seismic conditions. All tanks are independently certified by registered PNG engineers for each site.

To go with the tank’s Southern Cross offers galvanised steel tank stands to provide elevated storage for reliable water pressure even when the power supply is interrupted. These tank stands rang from a mere 1mtr high to over 30mtrs in height and can handle tank capacities up to 6ML and are engineered to suit the seismic ratings necessary for any PNG region. Southern Cross can supply round and panel tanks in galvanised steel; stainless steel; fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP).

All tanks, stands and associated tank infrastructure (valves, pipework, instrumentation etc) are designed, supplied, assembled and commissioned by Southern Cross’s highly experienced staff. From initial concepts and engineering through to onsite installation in any location, Southern Cross is your one stop shop for all tanks.